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New Portland Warehouse NOW OPEN!

We are excited to announce that we have a new warehouse that just opened, for industrial belts, up near Portland, Oregon!

We aim to better serve our industrial belt customers and this new location will help with shipping and distribution.

Rib Ace® Fit belt


Rib Ace® Fit – Automotive Belt


  • Can be installed on fixed 2-axis pulleys with a specialized tool.
  • Target tension can be set without time-consuming tension adjustment.
  • Maintains high belt tension, even after prolonged use


  • Eliminates the need for idler arms and tensioners.
  • Applications utilizing the Rib Ace® Fit are designed to reduce gas mileage.


  • Automotive engine accessory drives, such as for air conditioning.

Toothed Rib Belt

Toothed Rib Belt:
The choice for multiple-axis driving.

  1. Rubber
    Chloroprene rubber with excellent durability and wear resistance provides high torque power transmission

  2. Tension Member
    Fiberglass cord provides good dimensional stability and flexibility.

  3. Tooth fabric
    Woven canvas cover provides smooth mesh with the pulley for less friction and lower noise.

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Heat Carry™ Conveyor Belts

Bando’s ultra-high heat and abrasion resistant conveyor belt lineup is specifically designed and compounded to yield exceptionally long service life. Heat Carry™ conveyor belts are used in applications where extreme material temperatures (up to 850°F) are expected and wear resistant product is a must.


  • Cement plants (clinker, cement products, dry clay, etc.) 
  • Steel mills (sintered ore, coke, pellets, slag, etc.) 
  • Foundries 
  • Taconite 


  1. Superior resistance to heat and abrasion 
  2. Molded edged belts manufactured to width 
  3. Dependable vulcanized splices 


  1. Handles material temperatures up to 850°F 
  2. Superior adhesion between the cover rubber and core body when exposed to heat 
  3. Lasts up to 50% longer than conventional heat-resistant belt