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Bando USA, Inc. receives 'Top 10 Brands' Award

Our customer, Super Repuestos in El Salvador, was celebrating their 50th Anniversary in business, and presented Bando USA, Inc....

New Portland Warehouse NOW OPEN!

We are excited to announce that we have a new warehouse that just opened up near Portland, Oregon! We aim to better serve...

Rib Ace® Fit belt

  Rib Ace® Fit - Automotive Belt Features: Can be installed on fixed 2-axis pulleys with a specialized tool. Target...

Toothed Rib Belt

Toothed Rib Belt: The choice for multiple-axis driving. Rubber Chloroprene rubber with excellent durability and wear...

Heat Carry™ Conveyor Belts

Bando’s ultra-high heat and abrasion resistant conveyor belt lineup is specifically designed and compounded to yield...

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Synchro-Link® STS MPB Pulleys

S8M, S14M

Synchro-Link® MPB construction
Minimum Plain Bore profiles

The type of pulley used on a Synchro-Link® drive depends on a number of factors, including but not limited to, space available, ratios, center distances, horsepower being transmitted, speeds and user preference of mounting systems (i.e. QD®, TL® or Minimum Plain Bore).

An Explanation of Synchro-Link® Drive Pitches

With Synchro-Link® Drives, as with gear or chain drives, circular pitch (usually referred to as pitch) is a fundamental consideration. On the belt, pitch is the distance between tooth centers and is measured on the pitch line of the belt. On the pulley, pitch is the distance between groove centers and is measured on the pulley’s pitch curve.

The pitch line of a Synchro-Link® Drive Belt is located within the tension member. The pitch circle of a Synchro-Link® Drive Belt pulley coincides with the pitch line of the belt mating with it.

Any Synchro-Link® Drive Belt must be run with pulleys of the same pitch. A belt of one pitch cannot be used successfully with pulleys of a different pitch.

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